SASONKO Jewelry House will take part in the 43rd Russian Antique Salon
From October, 14 to October, 22 the Central House of Artist in Moscow will host the 43rd Russian Antique Salon. Jewelry House SASONKO, the annual participant of the event, will present there the collection of jewelry miniatures by Mikhail Shemyakin, created along with the Jewelry House SASONKO, as well as paintings from the personal collection of the collector Mikhail Sasonko. The Russian Antique Salon has been collecting all the leading galleries of Russia in the common space of the Central House of Artist twice a year for more than twenty years, visually demonstrating an objective picture of the development of the Russian antiquarian market. Visitors and guests of the Salon invariably happen to be eminent experts, famous collectors and connoisseurs of art. More than 250 Russian and foreign antique galleries present their collections to their attention. Jewelry House SASONKO, as well as SASONKO COLLECTION, have repeatedly participated in the Moscow antique salons. This time they will present works of jewelry art, and paintings of the middle of the last century. The collection of Mikhail Sasonko, called SASONKO COLLECTION, has several thousand of magnificent paintings and graphic works, created during the Soviet period. The basis of the collection are the works of masters, who largely determined the development of the national art school in the twentieth century and are of great interest to connoisseurs and collectors of Russian art. Visitors of the Salon will be able to see such paintings as Yevsey Moiseyenko's "Gorbnik"; Georgy Savitsky's "Red Room"; Gennady Myznikov's "In Front of The Mirror" and Gennady Myznikov's “Forest”; Taras Gaponenko's landscapes and a lot of other works of outstanding Soviet artists. The House of SASONKO will present unique products created according to the sketches of Mikhail Shemyakin for ballet productions "The Nutcracker" and "Magic Nut", decorative stone-cutting sculptures, as well as jewelry made based on the artist's works from the "metaphysics" series. In addition, the attention of the guests of the Salon will undoubtedly be attracted by exclusive Christmas toys, realized in cooperation with Mikhail Shemyakin, which can become an unordinary gift for the upcoming New Year holidays. For the first time, the whole series of jewelry plastics "Leaving Guests", consisting of 12 characters of the ballet "The Nutcracker" will be presented to the public. We invite you to visit our stand No. 10-16 on the second floor of the Central House of Artist.